Testimony during Day 2 of the Luc Tieman murder trial revealed what was in the note found buried with her.

Tieman is accused of killing his wife and burying her body on his parents' property, where the two of them had been living. Originally, Tieman told police that his wife was missing, but changed his story later to claim that he had watched her die of a drug overdose. Once her body was located, the State Medical Examiner's Office determined that Valerie died of two gunshot wounds to the head and Tieman was charged with her murder.

In that shallow grave with Valerie, there were several items buried with her, including a mysterious note that police would only say had an 'apologetic tone.' An audio recording of Luc's interview with Maine State Police, played during the trial, revealed that searchers found a bottle of Gucci perfume with the body, along with a bag of potato chips, a package of sweet tart candies, a flannel shirt, a mason jar, a hand-written note, and a wedding ring. Officials say the jar contained dirt, flower stems, and twigs and the ring was placed in the envelope, with the note.

Newscenter Maine reports it said, in part...

"For my one and only Joy-Joy. Flower. Forever. I love you Valerie Joy T. Rest in Peace with my heart and Jesus. Can't wait to see you again."

It was signed Luc-e Bear, followed by x's and o's and exclamation points. Luc Tieman told investigators, during the interrogation, that it was her nickname for him. Tieman said the last time he saw Valerie, she was upset because she found out he'd been cheating. She told him she'd found someone else too who was willing to marry her. When asked what happened next, Tieman said everything 'went black.'

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