An autopsy report on Valerie Tieman details the items found with her body, including a note with an 'apologetic tone.' reports that several things were found with the woman's body, including a bag of potato chips and a bottle of perfume. She was wrapped in a patterned blanket and placed under freshly turned dirt in the woods on property where she lived with her husband, Luc Tieman. He's been charged with murder for her death that the State Medical Examiner says was the result of several gunshots.

There's no word, at this point, about who wrote the note or to whom it was addressed. A toxicology test showed that she had two very strong prescription painkillers in her system at the time of her death.

Luc Tieman originally told police that the last time he saw his wife they'd stopped at Walmart. He said that she stayed in the truck while he ran inside but, when he returned to the vehicle, she was gone. He said he didn't report her missing because she'd threatened to leave him and he assumed that's what she'd done. Later, he changed his story to say that he had watched her overdose on heroin. Valerie was reported missing by her out-of-state parents 10 days after that alleged trip to Walmart.