The State Medical Examiner says a woman whose husband has been charged with her murder suffered two gunshot wounds to the head.

More details are being released about the way Valerie Tieman died and the stories her husband told police during their investigation into, first her disappearance, and then her death. According to, the State Medical Examiner says Valerie died of two gunshot wounds to the head. Her body was found Tuesday near the home where she and her husband, Luc Tieman, lived with his parents.

Originally, Luc told police that his wife went missing while they were visiting the Skowhegan Walmart, claiming that he left her waiting in their truck while he went into the store. He said that, when he returned, she was gone. Later, he changed his story and told police he'd watched her die of a heroin overdose.

32-year-old Luc Tieman is due in court today to face a murder charge.