The man who led Maine police on a nearly 70-day manhunt is now appealing his 2017 murder conviction.

What Were the Details of the Murder?

Stephanie Ginn Gebo was shot to death on June 5th, 2015, in the bedroom of her home. Police said her two young children found their 37-year-old Mom's body on the floor. During an investigation into the crime, Piscastaquis County Sheriff John Goggin said that Burton was not armed when he climbed through the window of his former girlfriend's bedroom. Goggin suggested that Burton likely wanted to kidnap Stephanie, as he had done with another ex, but that she had a gun and shot at him, wounding him slightly. He said it appeared the two fought over the gun and that Burton 'just lost it,' killing Gebo.

How Was Robert Burton Finally Caught?

Burton became one of the state's most notorious criminals when he ran into the woods in Parkman, where he would remain for more than two months, while state and federal authorities combed the woods looking for him. Residents lived in fear, locking their doors, and combing their surveillance videos to find images of the suspect Roadblocks were set up and police handed out fliers to drivers as they entered the area. The historic manhunt finally ended on August 11th, 2015 when Robert Burton walked into the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office and turned himself in, telling authorities that he was afraid he was going to get shot by police. Over two years later, in October 2017, Burton was convicted of murder. Two months later, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Why Is the Premise For His Appeal?

Now, Burton is back in court, appealing that conviction. WABI-TV reports that his attorney is claiming that Burton's original legal representatives failed to call several types of expert witnesses. A psychiatrist testified that Burton was neglected by his father while growing up, sexually abused, and threatened to commit suicide as a child.

A judge will rule on the appeal at a later date.

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