Convicted murderer Robert Burton will spend 55 years in prison for the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Burton led police on the longest manhunt in state's history back in 2015, after the body of his ex-girlfriend was discovered by her children in her Parkman home. Stephanie Ginn Gebo was shot after Burton entered through a window in the home they had once shared. Burton eventually turned himself in, after 68 days of running through the woods in the Parkman area. He told authorities at the time that he was afraid of getting shot.

Residents were urged to lock their doors and be on the lookout for the man who had grown up in the wood where he hid out. The FBI even joined the search shortly before Burton decided to end it.

After his conviction on the murder charge in October, Burton was back in court today. WABI-TV reports the judge told him that he would be a very old man when released from prison, so no one would have to fear him. Burton addressed the court, saying how sorry he felt that the kids had to find their mother dead.

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