A jury today found Robert Burton, who led police on a historic manhunt, guilty of murder for the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend.

It took 6 1/2 hours of deliberations over the course of 2 days for the jury to reach a verdict. Prosecutors claimed that Burton killed Stephanie Ginn Gebo in a fit of jealousy, while defense attorneys said it was self-defense. According to Judy Harrison, a reporter for the Bangor Daily News via Twitter, the jury found Burton guilty of murder.

Gebo's body was found in June of 2015 by her children in the bedroom of the home she and Burton had once shared. The subsequent search for Burton, through the woods around Parkman, lasted nearly 70 days, involved law enforcement agencies from around the state, and even the FBI. It was Maine's longest manhunt on record and gripped the state, with residents being urged to lock their car and house doors even when they were inside. In the end, Burton turned himself in, saying that he was afraid of getting shot by police.

During the trial, Burton testified that he had stayed in the woods behind a friend's house, living in the friend's tent, and eating vegetables from his garden.

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