If you're like me, you tend to periodically sort through and cull things before the holidays, to make room for some of the new items the gift-giving season will provide. One of the things I always find myself with is old bedding. The kids update their beds every couple of years as they grow out of styles or sizes, and I'm left with a linen closet bursting at the seams, and tubs of old sheet sets and pillows.

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Luckily, there's a place right nearby that can make very good use out of items like these. The Bangor Humane Society actually put out a call for blankets, sheets, and towels just last weekend.

"The shelter is warm, but the floors are still cement and our animals need to be cozy this time of year! We've got lots of pillowcases, but our bigger dogs need comforters and cozy blankies.  Please feel free to leave your donations on our covered porch at 693 Mt. Hope Ave. and we will bring things in as we can!"


Imagine how awesome you'll feel knowing how awesome those animals will feel with the donation of stuff you have piling up and no use for anyway! What a fantastic opportunity to open up some space and help animals in need this holiday season.

I'm told they're also running low on canned cat food. If you feel like being a Secret Santa to a pet or two, The Bangor Humane Society also has an Amazon Wishlist. You can click here to see what's on that list and help.

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