The Bangor Humane Society will temporarily close it's facility on Mt. Hope Avenue this week. The decision was made after and employee there tested positive for Covid-19.

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This individual would have also had contact with the public, albeit while wearing a mask, so the shelter posted a notice on it's Facebook Page, that anyone who may have been to visit the Bangor Humane Society this week, should keep an eye out for symptoms.

"This employee is in a position that includes interaction with the public and therefore it is not possible to individually identify each person who may have had close contact as defined by the CDC. Therefore, we are issuing this public notification to notify all individuals who visited the facility on September 14 or 15 that they may have had close contact with the infected individual... Nevertheless, we want all visitors on those days to be aware of this situation so they can self-monitor for development of symptoms and, if necessary, self-isolate and/or seek medical attention."

Management says the plan is to thoroughly clean the shelter, based on the CDC's  Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection guidelines. While cleaning the building, members of the public will be prohibited from entering the Humane Society. Staff will, however, be permitted on the premises to care for the animals.

The closure will remain in affect until next Tuesday September 21st. They encourage anyone with questions or concerns to reach out to the Bangor Humane Society by calling 207-942-8902.

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