This will be Paws on Parade number 29. And that’s not in dog years. That is a lot of memories and fundraising.

Paws on Parade this year will be Saturday October 1st from 9 a.m. to Noon. at Husson University.

You are welcome, your dogs are welcome, your friends are welcome and your friend’s dogs are welcome. Not to mention your dog’s friends.

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The theme this year Golden Girls. In honor of Betty White and the impact she left on pop culture and also what she did for animal welfare

Brian To, Getty Images/releon 8211, ThinkStock
Brian To, Getty Images/releon 8211, ThinkStock

Betty White in Golden Girls as Rose Nylund once pointed out

The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana

Kathryn Ravenscraft, Director of Development for Bangor Humane Society says

Who doesn’t love the Golden Girls? We think folks are going to have a lot of fun this year, and so will the dogs!

There will be prizes for best Golden Girls costumes. For dogs. And for people.

Also many other raffle prizes.



And oh those Golden girls

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

That can’t be a golden girl. No girl would hang out her tongue like that.

It’s a party. It’s a giant dog walk to support the mission of humane treatment and adoption of companion animals in our communities.

Getty Stock/Think Stock

Dog walking is always a breath of fresh air that makes life so much more enjoyable, but this is more than just that.

Kathryn reminds us

Paws on Parade has historically been our largest community fundraiser, and one we know people always look forward to. What could be better than attending a giant dog party to benefit other dogs… and cats and rabbits and Guinea pigs?

Register now to reserve your spot and get a free t shirt. 

And be a part of the 29th Paws on Parade

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