Who doesn’t love photos of their pets. How about a portrait of your pet that will be yours for many years to come. Here is your opportunity.

Bangor Humane Society is celebrating their  3rd Annual Imperfectly Perfect Pet Portraits event.

This has made it into year number 3 because of the response of both the supporters and the local artists that are participating.

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The event is just like you might imagine. You submit a photo of your pet and a local artist turns your photo into a keepsake portrait.

You need to see examples?

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

Cats anyone?

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

Now you get the drift. Here is how it works. You post a photo of your pet in the comments section on the Bangor Humane Society facebook page.  Here is the link 

The photo is assigned to one of dozens of area artists who volunteered to create a one of a kind portrait based on the photo you submit. Like the above photos.

Then the completed portraits are photographed by the artist and posted as a reply to your original photo submission.

Local artist Amanda Gray credits the fundraiser with a newfound passion for digital art, sharing

I’m excited to give back. I discovered my love for digital pet portraits because of this program. I want to participate every year

Shout out to this year’s participating artists from Bangor High School, Dedham School, Dr. Lewis S Libby School in Milford and Nokomis Regional High School

The results are mixed, which is the reason for the name and the key to its success.

You could get a really great portrait from an actual artist depicting the heart and soul of your pet, or you could get a very silly drawing of your cat playing cards,

said Kathryn Ravenscraft, Director of Development and Communications.

It could go either way, and that’s what makes it fun.

Bangor Humane Society is also quick to point out that every dollar raised from this event goes to the care of the nearly 2,000 animals they see each year.

Wiley likes when I include him in these type promotions. (His portrait from last year is on the Bangor Humane Society Facebook page here)

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

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