Valentine’s Day is Tuesday. And it is flowers and chocolate. For some of the lucky ones, it is jewelry. 

But what about your pets? For many, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to include the pets and get them an extra treat too. 

And why not. 

Humane Societies around the area turn the love for our pets into fun Valentine’s Day promotions to build awareness of the available pets up for adoption, and to raise much-needed funds for their ongoing operations. 

This Valentine’s Day is no exception. 

Bangor Humane Society 

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

As Valentine’s Day approaches BHS doesn’t want to leave out all those awesome fur kids, yours and theirs. For a donation of $5, they will fill out a paper heart with your personalized message and hang it on the halls of the Bangor Humane Society. Every dollar raised goes to support the animals. 

So, get creative and say what is on your mind about your pet, or donate in honor of a pet currently at the shelter. Maybe a pet of yours from the past who has passed on. 

The messages will be on the walls for Valentine’s Day week, and it is suggested you do this before Sunday.  Here’s the link

 Greater Androscoggin Humane Society  

GAHS in Lewiston is looking for $5 donations to help show your love for your pets, and their pets.   

They are also doing dating profiles for their long-term resident dogs on their Facebook page in an effort to hopefully find their perfect Valentine. You. 

They had a Puppy Kissing Booth last year. And rumor has it that some of the kissers and the puppies fell in love and are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year together. 

Humane Society Waterville Area

Waterville Humane Society
Waterville Humane Society

HSWA got creative last year. They did the “Cat Poops on a Photo of Your Ex” promotion.  

So, Cat does #2 on your ex #1.  Write the name of an ex on a sheet of paper and see what the cat does to that name.

And it is not just Humane Societies that get creative around Valentine’s Day. 

Zoos are offering the opportunity to name a cockroach and then have the roach be eaten by a surprise animal guest. And it’s not just for exes. How about your boss. But, even happy couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day in just this way at various zoos around the country. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, to you and to your pets, and to the animals awaiting adoption at Humane Societies in Maine. 

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