Actually, they are not actual dogs, but strange signs.

Pink Dogs. A dog pack on someone's lawn. And what are they doing?

And then gone the same day?

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Here’s the dirt, it’s a fundraiser for the Bangor Humane Society, and it’s pretty clever.

The fundraiser is leading up to the largest annual community fundraiser for the Humane Society, Paws on Parade.

Paws on Parade began in 1993 to encourage interaction with and showcase shelter animals. Also, to increase awareness of homeless and unwanted pets, and of course to raise money to support their care.

You have probably seen a popular fundraising endeavor called flocking. Mostly pink flamingos are placed on a potential donor’s lawn.

Kathryn Ravenscraft, Director of Development at Bangor Humane Society has certainly seen those scenes. She says:


We wanted to come up with something that was unique to us, and then it hit me. Dogs. Specifically, cleaning up after dogs. The idea for “It Happens” was born.

Maybe you can tell from the photo what the dogs are doing. If not, Kathryn:

The fun is that these dogs appear to be…well, they appear to be doing their business.

Maybe you’ve seen the signs around Bangor.

They have been appearing since September 5th and will continue to appear through September 29th.

Paws on Parade will take place at Husson University for the 3rd year in a row on Saturday, September 30th. Registration and fundraising is taking place now, here’s the link.

damedeeso, ThinkStock
damedeeso, ThinkStock

Leading up to the event, here is how you can fundraise.

Think of someone who has a good sense of humor. And will donate to the Bangor Humane Society.

There are still daily slots available through the 29th.

Here’s how it works. You donate $25 to send the dogs to someone’s lawn. They pay $25 to have the pack removed from their lawn. Or $50 to have the pack sent to someone else’s lawn. Or $75 to make sure the pack never returns.

Bangor Humane Society
Bangor Humane Society

Fun stuff.

To get started here is the link to the ‘It Happens’ page. Don’t hesitate because slots are filling up very quickly.">here is the link to the ‘It Happens’ page. Don’t hesitate because slots are filling up very quickly.

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