There's now a Twitter account dedicated to all the fuzzy victims of Maine's "Squirrel Apocalypse."

Mainers have taken notice to the seemingly large number of squirrel casualties littering the roadways across the state. Now there's a Twitter account that hilariously pays tribute to all the fallen jaywalking rodents. Dead Squirrels of Maine, @DeadMaine, began tweeting the morbidly hilarious first hand accounts of the "Squirrel Apocalypse" earlier this month.

Have you seen a lot of squirrels this summer? It's not your imagination. The Portland Press Herald explains:

A bumper crop of acorns, pine cones and other staples last year led to a bit of a population boom for small rodents, including squirrels. And it’s that time of year when the young mammals are setting out on their own in search of new territory and food.

Squirrel Apocalypse 2018. Never Forget.

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