Former Ellsworth Police Chief Glenn Moshier was allegedly drunk the night he reported to work after a police-involved shooting.

Details Have Finally Been Revealed About Why Moshier Was Fired

Moshier had also served as City Manager for Ellsworth, at the same time he was the Chief of Police. In January, he was put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The details of that investigation weren't revealed until now, but the City Council voted unanimously to fire him on March 11th.

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Moshier's Conduct On the Night of a Police-Involved Shooting Was in Question

The BDN reports Moshier's termination letter made reference to the night of December 22, 2023, when one of Ellsworth's Police Officers shot a man who had allegedly fired a weapon at officers while they tried to arrest him. The letter states that Moshier told city officials he had consumed five beers between 5 and 9 o'clock that night during his off-duty hours. He was awakened by a call later that evening from the department, reporting the shooting.

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Moshier's wife drove him to the police station, dropping him off shortly before 11 p.m. He had his off-duty firearm with him and had stopped on the way to the station to buy gum and iced tea.

His Actions, According to Councilors, Suggested He Knew He Was 'Likely Drunk'

The BDN reports City Councilors felt that his actions that night suggested he knew that he was under the influence, including his choices not to drive himself to the police station and to purchase the items from a convenience store they felt were meant to disguise the odor of alcohol. They stated that several officers said they believed he was intoxicated when he arrived at the station, adding that he was acting overly loud and emotional. Also in question was the fact that he carried a firearm that night, when he was 'likely drunk.'


His decisions on that night, coupled with the fact that he allegedly didn't file a report about the shooting in a timely manner before being put on leave, prompted City Councilors to terminate his employment.

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