2015 Pile-Up On I-95 in Bangor

It was four years ago, on this very day, that over 75 vehicles were involved in the Bangor area's largest interstate wreck, in recent memory.

As I drove into work this morning, thankful that the 'sandman' had dropped some of his product on the roads, I remembered how I heard about a huge pile-up on I-95 four years ago. We received a phone call in the on-air studio, early that morning, from a State Police Trooper, who told us they had an accident on I-95 in Carmel. He said it was just a few cars, but could become a lot worse if people weren't prepared to stop. We immediately hopped on the air and started warning drivers to avoid the interstate.

As the morning passed, we kept getting reports of how that small accident was growing into a huge pile-up. The original accident spawned other collisions, by people who were trying to avoid it...and the chain reaction continued. By the time it was all said and done, more than 75 cars, vans, pickups, delivery vehicles, tractor trailers and even a school bus were damaged. There were 17 injuries, two of them serious. But, incredibly, no fatalities.

The pictures were amazing and frightening. But they were also impressive for the fact that the firefighters at the scene worked quickly to make sure everyone was safe. Policemen and Firefighters were caught on camera, standing on top of the wreckage, trying to get a handle on how they were going to get it all cleaned up.

This morning, conditions were once again very icy on I-95. A tractor trailer in Bangor jackknifed, backing up traffic for a time. And, in Wells, another tractor trailer rolled over, also putting traffic at a standstill. But, as inconvenient as those delays were, it was a much nicer start to the morning, than on this morning four years ago.

CORRECTION: This story mistakenly identified the location of the 2015 pile-up as Bangor, when it was actually on I-95 in Carmel.

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