The only survivor of a shooting spree in the Machias area that left three people dead was released from the hospital this week. The man suspected to be responsible for the shootings, 63-year-old Thomas Bonfanti of Northfield, is currently being held without bail on charges of murder and assault.

A Mount Vernon man is facing multiple charges after leading police on a foot chase before stealing a snowmobile and taking off. Caleb Hupper already had two outstanding warrants for his arrest when he fled from a traffic stop. He was located 7 miles from where the chase originated.

Senators Susan Collins and Angus King are speaking out against President Trump's proposal to divert money to combat the coronavirus. The plan would take two-point-five billion dollars, nationally, from Low Income Energy Assistance Programs, or LiHeap. Senator Collins says, while money needs to be allocated for fighting the virus, taking it from low-income people in the middle of winter is not the answer.

Maine plans to create a new division of the state drug enforcement agency, tasked with regulatory compliance, as well as monitoring illegal activity that competes with state-licensed growers and retailers of marijuana. The four-person unit will be funded annually by cannabis tax and licensing revenue.

Researchers at the University of Maine are testing ways to take oxygen from the dirt on the moon, to make it breathable and to use as rocket fuel. If they’re successful, it could be a giant leap forward in space travel, turning the moon into a sort of gas station, so explorers can travel farther.

The owners of the Harbor Watch Inn on Swan's Island are holding an essay contest, to find new owners for the four-guest room business that includes an apartment for the owner. Interested parties can enter a 350 word essay, plus a 99 dollar entry fee on the contest website.

A Trenton woman turned 100 years old yesterday, and says the secret to long life may be good, clean living. Charlotte Parker’s family and friends gathered at the Trenton town office last Saturday to celebrate the occasion. Parker still lives on her own, although she gave up driving a year and a half ago, surrendering her license that was originally issued in 1944.

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