Probably all of us, at some point, whether practical or not, have dreamed of owning our own business. And if it's something you set your mind to, it can often happen in the most unexpected ways. When I opened my first restaurant back in 2005, it was almost by accident.

When the folks at the Harbor Watch Inn on Swan's Island decided it was time for them to do something different, they went all the way. Jennifer Helman and her fiance Dale Joyce, thought a unique way to part with their inn would be to hold an essay contest.

Every business owner hopes that their business will go to someone who really wants it. So by having an essay contest, they could pretty much ensure that they could find the right person/people who would be perfect for it, according to WABI - TV5.

They way we've set it up it has to go to somebody who really wants to be here. We want to know why owning an inn would fulfill a dream for them and why they would be successful.

If it sounds like something that you want to give a go, just log onto, and submit your 350 word essay, along with $99, and you're in. The winner will be chosen by an independent panel, and you can enter as many times as you wish.

It seems like such a sweet little spot, with it's four guest rooms. Plus, it has a one bedroom apartment that a new owner could easily live in. They're even kicking $25,000 in startup/operating money to get you going. You really can't beat that. But again, Helman and Joyce really want this to go to someone who will love it.

If you do decide to enter.... good luck!


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