It's been easy the last few weeks to get lulled into a false sense of security weather-wise. We've had tons of warm days, and little snow. Granted, we've had a few inches here and there, as well as a super quick cold snap or two, but we've generally had it pretty easy this winter.

But as spring is quickly approaching, and temps have been soaring, it's easy to think it's over. But noooooo... Mother Nature is once again ready to throw us right back into winter with a storm this Thursday that could leave us with some fresh snow on the ground, according to the National Weather Service.

We'll pretty much have to wait and see however, because temps are supposed to be fairly warm, and the forecast has changed several times already. At one point, it was being predicted that we'd see up to a foot! But that's looking less likely, and forecasts are settling in the 1-2 inch range in Bangor and higher amounts to the north.

But, the truth is, spring will be here soon. Looking forward in the long-range forecast, temps are beginning to rise consistently. Next week, more upper 30s and lower 40s are showing up. That means any snow we get won't be lasting as along on the ground. But rest assured, winter will have its way with us plenty before it's done.

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