Labor Day weekend is coming and it is one of the most popular weekends of the year for grilling.  If you are planning on grilling more than once go ahead and vote more than once.  And send us an invite to your house too.

People coming over. Just the family. Doesn't matter. Simple lunch of hot dogs, or an elaborate full-scale dinner with many courses, when the food comes off the grill it really is a joy.

So forget about socializing in a badly lit room on Zoom, let's create some memories around the grill this weekend. Outdoor barbecues are an ideal time and place for socializing. It is like an at-home version of the office water cooler.

This coming weekend the grill will be more popular than restaurants, more popular than the kitchen stove and oven, and is a good time to treat our friends and family like we are on vacation.

How do you like your food? Correct answer: Cooked by someone other than me.

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