Tomorrow morning in Waterville, there's going to be a breakfast held where Kennebec Valley Federal Credit Union is going to present a check for over $5000 to help out families in the local school system who may have back debt owed on school lunches, says WABI - TV5.

Lord knows, this time of year, families with super-tight incomes need all the help they can get, and sadly sometimes, that means having to choose to pay something like an oil bill, instead of making sure the kids have enough money to pay for school lunches. So employees and members of KVFC got together, and raised this money to help offset those costs.

There's been a lot of attention lately surrounding kids and their lunches. There's been talk of trying to pass some kind of legislation that would prevent schools from trying to "shame" kids into paying off their lunch bill. And of course, there's also a lot of discussion about kids getting enough to eat in general, so this fundraiser was hoping to create some awareness about that.

So a big shout out to everyone that was involved! Helping your community is pretty much where it's at. Everyone feels good about that!

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