It was a very fun evening, being part of the celebrity round at the Wheel Of Fortune contestant auditions.

The energy level with the Wheel folks was absolutely amazing. I have no idea how the host 'Uncle Marty' can spend every evening being as wildly energetic as he was. But he's very good at it. He interviewed each of us on the stage, asking about our hobbies and how we like to relax. Of course, most of us answered 'watching the Wheel,' whether it was true or not.

I competed in the 'Celebrity Round,' standing side by side with several other local media folks. There was Mandi Oechslie and Don Cookson, from a couple of our competing stations, along with Paul Dupuis. Long-time Q listeners will remember him as a former member of our morning show. And the final contestant was my co-worker, Chris Popper. Chris and I trash talked each other around the office all week, and then continued it on stage. Chris said he wasn't there to play....he was there to win!

Our category was 'Favorite Pasttimes,' and the round went very quickly. I'm not going to tell you who won. You'll have to watch the quick video to find out. Auditions are going on again Saturday evening from 5 to 9, at the Collins Center for the Arts. I'd encourage you to stop by, and give it a go. It's really a lot of fun.

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