A hazardous weather outlook posted by the National Weather Service warns us of the possibility of slow moving thunderstorms that could make driving hazardous.

The forecast calls for showers and thunderstorms after 3 this afternoon and the threat will continue through at least half of the night.  High temperatures and soggy air make the development of heavy rainfall with the threat of flash flooding within any of a storm's track very likely.

Remember, never drive through standing water and slow it down immensely when driving within any downpour.

Even after the rainfall of late, a moderate drought continues for most areas of the state with an area of severe drought conditions further north into the crown of Aroostook County.  Some areas of southern Maine are still listed as "abnormally dry."

A thunderstorm experienced this past Saturday afternoon in Oxford County in the western part of the state produced a small tornado that traveled across two different ponds while downing a few trees.  The tornado traveled a distance of approximately 5 miles with estimated winds of 80 mph.

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