Just recently, I let you know that Bangor was about to begin their annual leaf pickup. That's still going on, by the way. They're going to make several passes through the city to get anyone's leaves that are left by the side of the road. But now, due to the crazy windstorm we had last week, they are going to pick up brush as well.

For one day, next Tuesday November 12th, crews will make one sweep through the city to pick up branches and brush that folks may have ended up with after Halloween storm. According to their Facebook page, they do want to remind folks though, that you need to keep your piles separate. Leaves and brush cannot be put together.

It would also be much easier for them if you keep your brush in a pile parallel to the road. The machine they use to pick it up doesn't go sideways. Haha. And keep the pile away from low hanging wires, and trash receptacles.

If you don't get your brush out in time, have no fear, you can always bring it to Bangor Public Works yourself. You will need a permit from the city, but it's free of charge, and you can get it right at the Public Works office, at 530 Maine Ave, in Bangor. If you need more info, give them a call at 992-4500.

Normally, they only do this in the spring, so it's pretty cool that they're adding this extra round of pickup to help deal with all the blow-down from the storm. All you have to do is follow their few simple rules, and you'll be good to go! Hooray for extra yard work!!!

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