When I lived in Portland, it was like pulling teeth to get the city to do things. You can literally name any kind of municipal project, and it always took twice as long, and disrupted traffic at the dumbest of times. I never, ever blamed the guys who were doing the work, they just did what they were told.

Sidewalks plowed? Never. Annual leaf pickup?! Pffffftt. Never in a million years. Maybe in the ritzy neighborhoods, but never where I lived. Bangor is a whole different deal though. Starting on Monday the 28th, Bangor is going to start cruising around in that great big, crazy vacuum-y truck thingie, and take away all your cruddy old leaves.

All you have to do is get your leaves raked out to the side of the road in front of your house. They do want to remind you though, to make sure the leaves are clear of the following things:

....rocks, branches, yard waste, and other debris are not included in the loose leaf piles, as they may plug the vacuum hose, damage the vacuum unit, or injure Public Works employees...

The larger stuff, like limbs and branches etc, can still be brought to Bangor Public Works, located at 530 Maine Avenue. You can go there Monday - Sunday, during the daylight hours. You can bring leaves there too, if you're impatient. Or you can let city come through with the Vacuumator, and pick up your debris.

The thing I love most about the city picking up the leaves, is then you don't have to put them in the stupid bags. That's worth its weight in, well, leaves anyway. They'll make several trips through til they get to everyone. But Monday's the day....you've been warned! The Vacuumator is coming for your leaves!

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