A man who was shot by police after they blew up his house is seeking $120 million from the law enforcement agencies involved in the standoff.

62-year-old Michael Grendell's attorney is claiming that police used the incident in June as a training exercise, with little consideration for the man's rights. Maine State Police and other agencies were called to Grendell's home on June 29th, as he was in the midst of a mental health crisis. A neighbor had told authorities that Grendell had shot at him the day before. He said he waited to tell authorities because he was concerned for Grendell's safety.

What followed was a 20-hour standoff, involving several law enforcement agencies. Police used a bomb robot to detonate an explosive at the Fox Lane house, in order to draw him out. The intention was to collapse a wall, but the explosion reportedly destroyed the house. Police say Grendell walked out of the house with a firearm, that he refused to put down, and that's when he was shot in the face and torso. He spent months in the hospital, recovering from his injuries.

Now, Grendell is suing for $20 million in compensatory damages for the loss of his house and his injuries and $100 million in punitive damages. His attorney claims that police refused to wait for a negotiator that was familiar with mental health issues and did not have authority to detonate a bomb.

In October, Grendell was sentenced to three years in prison, with all but the time he had served suspended, and four years probation, after pleading no contest to one count each of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. As part of the plea deal, the DA dismissed one count of attempted murder.

A spokesperson for the Maine Attorney General's Office told WGME-TV that the office has no comment on the claim, which it received by email.

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