Our state Attorney General, Aaron Frey, has issued a warning about a new Medicare scam that's been going around. People are being called up, and asked for personal information right over the phone. Up to, and including, straight-up asking people for money.

Frey issued this statement:

Mainers may best protect themselves by never providing any personal information in response to unsolicited requests. The new distribution of Medicare cards is seen as an opportunity for scammers to scare Maine seniors into giving over personal information.

Folks who fear they may have had their info compromised, should not only check over their Medicare statements carefully, but should also contact their financial institution. No one wants their bank account drained by some dishonest jerk from out-of-state somewhere.

Most of all though, just never, EVER, give out your personal information to someone that you don't trust. If it was indeed the Medicare office, they can provide you with credentials, or certainly won't be offended if you hang up and call them back directly, so that you know who you're talking to.

Be safe!

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