A Skowhegan Pastor correctly predicted the score of the New England Patriots' Championship game.

Pastor Mark Tanner decided to incorporate football into his church's sign, as a way to connect with the community. So he had his secretary post his score prediction for the New England Patriot's/Kansas City Chiefs Championship game on Friday. The sign says, "God doesn't have a favorite team, but the Pastor does!! Patriots 37 Chiefs 31."

It was a creative idea that turned into a local sensation when that score turned out to be exactly right. Comments under Reverend Tanner's posting of a picture of the sign on Facebook included his being called the new GOAT, a nickname usually reserved by Patriots' fans for Tom Brady, which stands for 'Greatest of all time.'

Now the community has a new question for Tanner: Who's going to win the Super Bowl? His response, so far, is that he's confident New England will win, but he's not ready to reveal the score. Yet.

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