Grace Methodist Church In Bangor To Close After 164 Years
Grace Methodist Church in Bangor, which opened it's doors in 1855, will be holding it's last service on June 30th.
I guess all good things come to an end from time to time. My family has a long history with that church. When I was very little, we lived on 4th Street in Bangor, so Grace was …
Goin' Through the Big "D"
The word "divorce" most often comes with negative stigma, as if to imply it's always a bad thing. Before you think the worst of the big "D" word, keep reading ...
Convoy of Hope in Bangor
If your family is struggling right now, imagine spending a day getting free food, a hot meal, a mani/pedi, and a family portrait! Seem impossible? That's what will happen on the Bangor Waterfront later this month when the Convoy of Hope pulls in.

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