As autumn arrives with golden leaves and a crisp breeze, we say goodbye to another wonderful year of Thomas Hill Standpipe Tours.

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This iconic landmark in Bangor, standing tall since its construction in 1897, has been a magnet for curious folks eager to explore its rich history and beautiful views.


According to, initially built to hold an impressive 1,500,000 gallons of water for firefighting and pressure regulation in downtown Bangor, the Thomas Hill Standpipe has stood strong over the years. A remarkable structure made of riveted iron and a wooden frame jacket, it stands proudly on Thomas Hill, symbolizing resilience and practicality.


Originally sporting a dark gray exterior, the standpipe underwent a transformation in 1912 when lights were added to its crown, and its facade was painted a pristine white. It became more than just a water reservoir; it became a community beacon, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside from its promenade deck. In 1935, over three thousand tourists signed the guest book, a testament to its allure.


However, history sometimes necessitates change. In the 1940s, an accident involving a young child prompted the standpipe to close its doors to the public. Safety concerns, compounded by wartime security measures during World War II, led to this decision. 


Today, the standpipe graciously opens its doors to the public four times a year. This year, these tours were on May 17th, July 19th, October 4th, and October 11th. These tours allow visitors to ascend the 100-step enclosed stairway to reach the breathtaking views of the Queen City of the East and beyond, from the coveted promenade deck.


As the final tour of 2023 concludes, we look forward to the arrival of Spring 2024. Until then, we bid a fond farewell to the views from the Thomas Hill Standpipe.

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