Today is National Sticker Day. Here’s the declaration.

 National Sticker Day is celebrated annually on January 13, the birthday of Stan Avery. Avery, a rags-to-riches entrepreneur in his 20s, invented the first self-adhesive label in 1935, launching an industry that today brings joy to sticker-lovers of all ages.

No longer just an office product, modern stickers come in all shapes, sizes and topics, and make people happy every day.

Number one question from listeners when Q106.5 does an appearance at a business somewhere

Got any stickers?

Pronounced stickuhs

There is a nonprofit group that is working to create a rescue that would serve the Katahdin region.  Their goal is to help the stray and abandoned animals in the area. The building is at 4 Church Street in Sherman and is being renovated now and will be open by next year.

Veronica Elwell
Veronica Elwell

The group is Waiting Whiskers and as a fundraiser here’s what they do every month.

Krystal Cameron
Krystal Cameron

On their Facebook page, here’s a link,  they sign up parents or grandparents or aunts or uncles or actually any adult to donate $5. They do this each month. And the child that the donor names gets a letter from Sheldon the Doodle, that's Sheldon pictured above, plus 3 to 5 professionally printed and designed stickers. Also, each entry makes donors eligible to win prizes.

Sign-up takes place prior to the end of each month. And then on the first day of the month, they mail out the stickers. All the proceeds go to the Waiting Whiskers Animal Shelter,

Veronica Elwell is the President of The Waiting Whiskers Board of Directors and started the sticker club because

I wanted to do something fun for the children in our community. When I was a little girl there was nothing I loved more than getting mail and stickers

Here is betting today’s young children feel the same way. Especially on National Sticker Day,.

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