After what seems like an eternity, Maine-based satire website, New Maine News, has started posting on Facebook and its parent site again. It's a happy day for me and a bunch of my friends, as we all enjoy comparing the headlines that appear on the site. You'd be hard pressed to find more amusing local satire.

If you're familiar, is a website that features all sorts of fake news stories, that only sound a tiny bit real, but have certainly fooled folks in the past. A lot of folks may remember when they fooled the pants right off of ESPN. Golic and Wingo read a now-famous story about a high school basketball championship having to be canceled, after the ball rolled behind a wood stove.

Back in May, they had put out a statement on the New Maine News Facebook page, saying they were going on a hiatus. Honestly, I may have shed a tear when I read it. I'm a big fan of websites like The Onion, or The Hard Times. I get a hearty kick out of well done spoofs that really shine a light on how ludicrous things can be in life at times.

So I will welcome them back with open arms. At this time in all our lives, I think we can all agree that we need to laugh a lot more, and complain a lot less. And any of the websites I listed in this quick little blurb, will give you a series of full-on belly laughs. And I think that's just what the doctor ordered. Unless it's Dr. McGillicuddy's. Then, that's what I ordered.

Check out a couple more of the hilarious articles...

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