So, we're supposed to get a fairly significant amount of snow around these parts tomorrow, and the Maine D.O.T. put out a subtle reminder on their Facebook page, that also happens to be in my top 5 vehicular pet peeves.

They wanted to remind folks, that when cleaning the snow off your car, you should also clean it off the roof. Truth be told, it's not illegal to have a giant pile of snow on your roof, but you really are setting yourself up for one of two potential hazards.

You will likely fall victim to, A) Having a fluffy pile that is blowing blizzard-y powder all over the place reducing the visibility of the cars behind you, maybe even icy chunks too, or B) The giant pile is going to slide off the roof and down onto your windshield, thus blinding you to everything in front of you.

Again, it's not against the law to have a snowy roof, but it is a crime against all the is good in the world. I've been behind cars where both scenarios listed above have happened.

The second is the worst, because when all that snow slides onto that person's windshield, they jam on the brakes and do everything possible to bring that car to a stop. And trust me, that can be quite abrupt.

So do the right thing, starting tomorrow, with this very first real storm of the year. Which would bring me to one of my other major winter driving pet peeves.....first-storm-of-the-year-drivers. But that's for another article......

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