The weather is getting warmer, and folks are certainly upping their game on outdoor activities. Whether it's walks out in the woods, or doing some kayaking, or even a bit of early season camping. The latter may have even caused a bit of extra work for the Lincolnville Fire Department, according to their Facebook page.

They suspect some folks had a little gathering on Bald Rock, and after tastily toasting marshmallows, they likely did not put out their fire properly. Some hikers happened along the fire and notified authorities immediately. By the time firefighters reached the blaze on ATV's with back-mounted pumps, the blaze had pretty well trampled out by the hikers, but had spread over a decent little area.

The real concern here, is that campfires are not allowed in state parks, except in approved fireplaces, which are typically just the installed grills you see at some scenic spots. There are no such approved spots anywhere in the area of Bald Rock. And they go on to say that even if you decide to break the rules anyway, you should be prepared with at least 15-20 gallons of water to properly extinguish a campfire.

In fact, rule #6 of the state park rules limit all fires to state approved and installed fireplaces. I mean, lets' face it. We're a 90% forested state. One wrong fire could cause an immense amount of devastation. Which is why there are rules in place to help mitigate that sort of thing.

So please help protect my state. I love it here, and revel in it's beauty. Too many people often think they will never cause anything bad to happen in a situation like that. But you just never know. So repsect the rules. Wathc some extra Smokey The Bear YouTube videos...whatever you have to do. Just don't set fire to our woods!

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