Four people have been arrested for allegedly attacking police officers involved in a high-speed chase with a member of their family.

The Somerset County Sheriff's Office told WVII-TV that the four people arrested were not involved in the accident that led to the pursuit, but caused problems for the deputies who were investigating. In addition, the driver of the motorcycle, 41-year-old Clarence Rider III of Canaan, is still at large.

It all started at around 4:30 Sunday afternoon, when deputies were called to the scene of a motorcycle accident in Canaan. When they arrived, Rider III took off, leading officials on a high-speed chase that allegedly reached speeds over 100 miles per hour. Finally, deputies discovered the bike outside a home on Livingston Street in Pittsfield, but the driver was nowhere to be found.

When police tried to tow and impound the motorcycle, a fight broke out with some of Rider's family members. Police say Clarence Rider Jr., 63 of Exeter, had a gun in his waistband and tried to take possession of the motorcycle. When he refused to step away from the bike, he was arrested. At this point, Arlene Rider, 62 of Exeter, 36-year-old Casey Rider of Pittsfield, and 31-year-old Stephanie Freeman of Skowhegan became verbally abusive and assaulted the deputies and the tow truck driver. All four people were charged with obstruction of governmental administration and were taken to the Somerset County Jail, where they were released on bail.

Clarence Rider III is still at large. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact the Somerset County Sheriff's Office at 207-474-9591.

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