In a post on their Facebook page, owner Michael Towle announced that the Penobscot Pour House will change ownership on February 1st. The Pour House, located on Larkin Street, has been a staple of the Bangor bar scene for going on two decades, going back to when it was known as Raena's. Here's the post right from their Facebook page:

Come February 1st, the new owners will be Patrick and Matt Brann, who also currently own Half Acre Nightclub on Harlow Street in Bangor, another popular Bangor night spot. There is no word on Half Acre's Facebook page or website regarding the transition, but it seems like it's all over but the shouting at this point.

Going forward, Smith and Towle have hinted at some future plans, but nothing official at this time. There is also no indication in any of the posts, or on their Facebook page if Happy Endings Martini & Tapas Bar is also part of the sale, also owned by Smith and Towle.

It seems unlikely to the average person, that there will really be any noticeable change in the way the Pour House operates. It seems that the Brann's intention is to keep the Pour House as it's always been.

But if you are a big fan, and even semi-regular customer of the Pour House, you may want to get in and say goodbye!They will be hosting a big send-off on February 1st, and Dakota, a favorite local cover band, will providing the soundtrack.

So get out and show 'em how it's done!


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