In a post on the their Facebook page, the Bangor Water District shared a few photos of their new job site supervisor... Larry the Leak Lion! He was caught on film helping crews repair a water main break on Lancaster Ave. in Bangor.

Now, don't get me wrong, the Bangor Police Department's Duck of Justice is pretty cool, but for the most part, he just seems to hang out in a cushy little spot at the police station, not doing much. Is he ever out on the street handing out tickets, or out actually physically justice-ing? Not particularly.

But as you can see in the photos of Larry the Leak Lion, he's out there, on the job site, getting work done. Nor does Larry have a savvy press agent like Officer Tim Cotton. Larry is just out in the mud and muck and cold, fixing pipes, and making sure everything is being done right.

BWD Facebook page
BWD Facebook page

So next time you see a Bangor Water District crew out fixing mains, or flushing hydrants and whatnot, you can probably have a little peace of mind, knowing that Larry the Leak Lion is on the scene. As opposed to hanging out, looking cool. Larry's the kind of hardworking mascot that this city needs!

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