The Duck of Justice has returned to the Bangor Police Department, after a not-so-brief medical leave. His 'condition' has caused him to semi-retire from public life, but that doesn't mean you can't see him anymore. 

The life of a DOJ isn't easy. Bangor's Duck was first a knickknack in the District Attorney's office. Sergeant Tim Cotton of the Bangor PD had always admired the duck and so was dismayed to see it in a dumpster when the D.A. moved offices. He rescued the bird and made him a star! Well, the star of the Bangor Police Department anyway.

Once his fame began to spread, the Duck had a pretty jet-set lifestyle. He traveled to schools so children could see him, was visited by tourists 'from away' who had read about him on the Bangor PD's Facebook page. And, during all those visits, he was accompanied by Sergeant Cotton, who sort-of became his agent, or his friend, or...his adopted Dad? Sgt. Tim certainly worries over the welfare of the duck and so, when those beautiful feathers began to ruffle, he took it to a local taxidermist.

And that's where the semi-retirement comes in. Ryan Rhodes of North Rhodes Taxidermy in Stockton Springs told Cotton to keep his "little grubby paws off the duck," according to the department's Facebook page

. All the handling nearly destroyed the poor little guy who, after all, was once in a dumpster. And that was after 20 years of sitting on a shelf!

So now, the Duck of Justice has a brand new habitat that will be open to the public soon in the museum inside the Bangor Police Department's lobby. Folks will still be able to stop by and admire him and even take their pictures in front of him. But, from now on,take Sergeant Cotton's famous advice from the bottom of his Facebook posts, 'keep your hands to yourself' and off the duck!

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