A Maine man who's been missing in Massachusetts since early December has been found deceased.

Who Was Found?

The Peabody Police Department reports the body of Michael Gray, 31, was found on the shore near Edgemere Road in Marblehead on Thursday. A woman walking her dog came across the man's body and called the police. An autopsy was performed and he was confirmed to be the missing Gray, who lived in Peabody, Massachusetts.

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When Did He Go Missing?

Gray's family reported him missing on December 11th and police were able to piece together the hours before his disappearance. Officials say he got locked out of his vehicle on a Saturday night and called the police for assistance. When entry could not be gained, he was given a ride to a family member's work place in Peabody. It wasn't clear whether police or a tow truck company have given him that ride. At the time, police say he hadn't been seen since, but they believed he might be driving a family member's black Ford Escape. Gray is originally from Maine and so residents of both states were alerted to keep an eye out for him.

Where Was He Found?

After some clothing was found on Juniper Beach in Salem, police in Massachusetts had focused their search in that area. Dive teams had been looking for him in the waters off the beach for several days before the woman with the dog came across his body.

Now, the Peabody and Salem Police Departments, as well as Massachusetts State Police are investigating how he died.

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