A man from Maine has been reported missing in Massachusetts, and now police are looking for the vehicle he may be driving.

When Did He Go Missing?

Police in Peabody, Massachusetts say Michael Gray of Maine was reported missing by a family member on December 11th, at approximately 10:33 in the morning. Police have some information about the time immediately before his disappearance and a vehicle they say he may be traveling in, but have not revealed where they think he may have been headed. Peabody is located about 20 miles north of Boston.

Gray got locked out of his vehicle on Saturday night and called the Peabody Police Department for assistance. After entry into the vehicle could not be gained, Gray was given a ride to a family member's place of employment on Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts. It's not clear whether he was given a ride by an officer or whether a tow truck company was dispatched to help him into his vehicle.

Is He In a Vehicle?

Officials say he hasn't been seen since but could be driving a 2015 black Ford Escape with a Massachusetts license plate, #7AF586. Michael Gray is 31 years old and is described as a white male with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Peabody Police Dept via FB/Kheat, ThinkStock
Peabody Police Dept via FB/Kheat, ThinkStock

Who Do We Contact If We See Him?

Anyone with information about Michael Gray's whereabouts is asked to contact Sergeant Sullivan at 978-538-6323 or Peabody Police at 978-531-1212.

Maine residents should keep an eye out for the vehicle since Gray might have returned to the state. Anyone who thinks they see the vehicle and don't have the above numbers should contact their local authorities.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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