Police are seeking information about a missing Maine woman, who was last seen in New York City.

UPDATE: Falmouth Police say Christine Hammontree has been found safe in New York City. 

Falmouth Police say Christine Hammontree's parents reported her missing on May 25th. A subsequent investigation turned up video of the 29-year-old from the early morning hours of May 24th at the McDonald's restaurant in Times Square, New York. Police say the surveillance video shows her getting into a vehicle with a group of unidentified people.

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Hammontree was wearing an oversized blue t-shirt, cut-off light blue jeans, sandals, and carrying an orange backpack in the video. She was also wearing black Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, on the top of her head.

Now, Falmouth Police are working with the New York City Police Department to locate her. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Christine Hammontree is asked to contact the Falmouth Police Department at 207-781-2300.

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