A student at the University of New England's Biddeford campus is dead after being stabbed repeatedly in a Massachusetts library.

According to Boston 25 News, 22-year-old Deane 'Kenny' Stryker was sitting at a table in the Winchester Public Library when she was approached from behind by 23-year-old Jeffrey Yao, who stabbed her repeatedly with a 10-inch hunting knife. Others in the library tried to intervene and one 77-year-old man sustained a stab wound to his arm. Stryker was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The Winchester native was in her first year of medical studies at UNE when she was killed. College President James Herbert said in a post on UNE's Facebook page that he was 'shocked and saddened' to hear of her passing. He went on to say that Stryker showed "great promise as a student doctor who was passionate about medicine and helping others."

Library patrons subdued Yao until police could arrive. Police say the motive for the stabbing remains under investigation but that Yao is known to them, although they declined to comment to the Portland Press Herald whether Yao has any mental health or drug issues.

Neighbors told the Boston Herald that they feared Yao, whose behavior had become increasingly erratic. Some neighbors said they slept with a bat under the bed while others wouldn't let their children play outside if he was around. One neighbor claims that Yao tried to knock his door down in the middle of the night, late last year. He said he warned police that Yao was dangerous and would kill someone if given the chance.

He's due in court for an arraignment this morning in Woburn on charges of murder and armed assault with intent to murder.

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