A volunteer with Kaydenz Kitchen food pantry in Lewiston posted on Facebook about their interactions with a homeless man, and the post has gone viral.

We all see them. Those people who stand by the entrances to stores, with signs asking for money. Some are genuine and many are not, so we tend to shy away, out of a sense of caution. And law enforcement officials will tell you it's better to give to programs that help the homeless than to run the risk of giving your money to a charlatan. It always makes me angry to think that there are people who are genuinely in need, but aren't taken seriously because of the actions of others.

So, this story really touched me. It's amazing, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all at the same time. It was posted by a volunteer at a food pantry in Lewiston and the chance they took on a homeless man whose sign said he would work for food. The volunteer asked the homeless man, who said his name is Jon, if he would be willing to put up some shelves at the pantry for $20. Not only did Jon do the job, but he promised to come back the next day to make sure he worked the full, agreed-upon time. And when he saw another homeless man, he asked his benefactor to give him one of the two dollars he had (before doing the job). The pantry volunteer was so touched by Jon's story, that they paid him twice the agreed-upon price.

The post has gone viral and, when you read the full story, you'll understand why. And I hope it inspires you to find a way to help folks in your own community. Donate to a food pantry, buy a Christmas gift for a child in need, or ask the local homeless shelter how you can help. We're all in this together, so we need to take care of each other. Someday, we may be the ones asking for help.

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