Pretty much my favorite thing to do in the world, is to go out to breakfast. Especially when we travel. I love going to new places, and trying whatever breakfast I can get. Personally, I tend to judge a place by its home fries. Like most folks, my mom makes the best home fries in the world, so that's the bar that's set is pretty high.

My wife and I used to love going to the Hermon Family Restaurant when it was open a while back. We ended up there at least once or twice a month. But towards the end of 2017, we noticed they were closed with kind of no warning. Maybe there was, but I can be out of the loop sometimes. Later on, I'd started to hear rumors about why they closed, but only the former owners know the real story, which quite frankly, is their business (no pun intended.)

But I saw a couple months back that there was a new sign our front at the 151 Billings Road location, with a new name but it said "coming soon". The sign read Just Down The Road Family Restaurant. I was so excited, I called my wife to tell her that there was a new place coming in the old spot. And today, when I drove by on the way to an appointment, I noticed that they were officially open.

The menu features a lot of the tired-and-true breakfast standards...eggs however, omelettes, and pancakes. but they also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu as well. It offers up staples like BLT's, cheese steak sandwiches, burgers, salads, and fried haddock. Man, I gotta stop writing these things before lunch....this is kinda torturous.

I did a bit more sleuthing and found their Facebook page. It had all their new hours, the new menu, and some fun photos of their first day in business, which seemed to be yesterday. The parking lot looked pretty full too, considering they just opened. I have to say though, it'd be killer if they had a traditional website as well, so folks like my mom could find them more easily online, as she and a lot of her friends are not on Facebook.

Photo: J Stew
Photo: J Stew

All in all, I found it to be very exciting news for the area. Like I said, I love to go out to breakfast, and this just adds another place to the list to choose from. Lord knows Bangor can use a few more breakfast joints. It's one of the areas that our fledgling culinary scene desperately needs to address. So maybe some weekend morning in the not so distant future, I'll bump into you there for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner ...

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