John Williams Murder Trial

Jury selection begins today in the murder trial of the man accused of killing Somerset County Sheriff's Corporal Eugene Cole.

John Williams was arrested in April 2018, after allegedly fatally shooting Cole and stealing his cruiser. He then led police on a four-day manhunt that included agencies from around the state, as well as the FBI. Williams was finally taken into custody in a wooded area near Lost Brook.

His attorneys have claimed that Williams was brutalized during his arrest and his confession coerced. In April, a judge ruled that most of the statements made by Williams during his interrogation were not coerced, but some of the statements would not be admissible in court. While the judge said it appears Williams may have been hit in the face by one officer while handcuffed, he added that the officer may not have known that the suspect was unable to resist.

Law enforcement officials began looking for Corporal Cole after Williams showed up at a local convenience store, driving the marked cruiser. His body was found in Norridgewock, next to a house where Williams had once lived. Police say Corporal Cole had arrested Williams girlfriend a few days earlier on drug charges.

Jury selection will begin today in Cumberland County for Williams murder trial. It's expected to take most of the week, with the trial set to begin on Monday, June 10th. Williams has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

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