A judge has ruled that portions of the confession from accused murderer John Williams will not be admissible in court.

Williams is accused of killing Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Eugene Cole on April 25th, 2018. His attorneys had requested that their client's confession be thrown out, because they claim he was beaten by police and feared more beatings if he didn't confess. In addition, they say that he was dealing with withdrawal from opioids and a lack of sleep, water, and food. Williams has pleaded not guilty to murder.

WABI-TV reports a judge handed down his ruling on the confession just one day after the anniversary of Cole's death. It says that any statements Williams made to police at the time of his arrest in the woods of Fairfield would be admissible as evidence at trial. The ruling goes on to say that any violence inflicted on Williams as he was taken into custody did not contribute to his statements. What this basically means is that the confession was not beaten out of him. Withdrawal from drugs was also deemed not a factor in his statements to police.

However, the judge says he will not allow some of the statements made at the Waterville Police Department, because he says Williams was in an obvious weakened state due to fatigue.

Williams' trial is due to start in June.

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