Court documents have revealed details about the night John Williams allegedly killed a Somerset County sheriff's deputy.

According to the affidavit filed in Somerset County District Court on April 25, Corporal Cole was on a phone call with another deputy at around 1:00, when the phone call was abruptly ended or the signal lost. He was driving a marked white pickup truck that night and, according to a Facebook post from his wife, had been on duty since 4:00.

At around 1 a.m. Wednesday, a woman named Brittany Roseberry and her boyfriend, Chris Shulenski got a phone call from John Williams, who asked them to pick him up at the Indian Hill Apartments in Skowhegan and take him to an address in Norridgewock. They went to the apartments and, after a time, Williams came outside with several bags and a bullet-proof vest that he loaded into the car. Roseberry said John seemed 'tweaked' during the ride. As they drove by the Cumberland Farms in Norridgewock, they noticed a white Sheriff's Department pickup truck at the pumps and, when they arrived at their destination, saw the pickup again as it drove by slowly. The truck's brake lights came on and Williams urged the couple not to leave. Shulenski told him that he was legal and not concerned about it, and they left.

Sometime around 1:15 a.m., Williams called another friend, Chris Williams (no relation) and told him he had shot Corporal Cole in the head and asked Williams to meet him on the Martin Stream Road in Norridgewock. Before this, Chris had been the one who took John to the Indian Ridge Apartments, where he was picked up by Roseberry and Shulenski.

At around 1:45 a.m., a clerk at the Cumberland Farms in Norridgewock saw John Williams walk into the store. He picked up a pack of cigarettes, pocketed them without paying for them, and walked out. The clerk followed him outside and saw him get into a fully marked white sheriff's department pickup truck.

Chris Williams found John Williams in the middle of the road and told him to get in. Chris Williams said when he got in the car, John Williams pulled out a crack pipe and started doing drugs. John explained to Chris that either Cpl. Cole had snuck up on him or he had snuck up on Cole, (Chris said he couldn't remember which) and John had shot him in the head. John demanded Chris's cellphone and car, so Chris gave him the phone and refused him the vehicle, telling him to get out. Once John Williams was out of the car, Chris kept driving until he encountered a Fairfield Police Officer on the Martin Stream Road and told him what had happened.

Corporal Cole's body was found at approximately 7:30 a.m. behind a residence at 16 Mercer Road in Norridgewock. The home's owner, Kimberly Sirous, told police that she noticed the deputy on the ground outside the house and called to police officers who were across the street at the fire department. She said her dogs had been barking during the night, but she didn't get up to investigate. Sirous also told police that John Williams had lived with her family during his high school years until after Christmas.

John Williams, who was found in the woods in Norridgewock on Saturday and is currently being held without bail at the Maine Correctional Center in Warren.

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