It seems last year at this time, we were immersed in a fairly bitter cold snap. And it seemed to last for weeks, to varying degrees. There was also some pretty significant snow cover as well, contributing to the overall feeling of winter. But like many folks, I've felt like 2020 has gotten off to kind of a slow start.

I'm not complaining. It seems like we've gotten some decent rain at points, so hopefully come spring/summer, we won't be in a drought scenario. but is it true? Has it been a warmer winter this year. According to WABI - TV5, it has been quite a bit warmer. State wide for the month, temps have been averaging 5 to 6 degrees warmer than average.

In fact, 19 days this month have been well above average. Is it global warming? Who knows? I'm not here to settle the climate change debate. But I have seen on social media, that other Maine meteorologists have been watching Euro models for weather over the coming weeks, and those models would have you believing winter is over.

I doubt that's entirely true, but some of these Euro models have us averaging 10+ degrees higher than normal for the next several weeks. Personally, I will gladly embrace warmer temps the rest of the winter. Next winter we may not be so lucky. But for now, I'll just be counting the days until I can break the shorts back out.

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