A trip to the doctor seemed stressful until the spiders showed up and put everything into perspective.

The Procedure at the Doc's with Respiratory Issues Seemed Weird...

Anyone who's listened to me on the radio for the past month has probably noticed that I've been struggling with what I thought were allergies. But as the coughing got worse and the repeated Covid tests came up negative, I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I called to make an appointment and ended up going to an office on Husson Avenue in Bangor. I was given the procedure, which involved pulling up to the building, calling the desk, and then waiting in the car for someone to come out and escort me into the building. Such is the routine when dealing with respiratory issues in the Covid age. I thought this was going to be the weirdest part of my day.

Until the Spiders Showed Up...

I arrived a few minutes early, so I sat in my vehicle exchanging text messages with a friend when the blackflies outside my car prompted me to close the window. It was then that I noticed a tiny bug walking on the passenger seat of my SUV. I squished it with my hand, thinking it was a blackfly. But then I noticed another. And another. Tiny little insects no bigger than a speck of dirt. Suddenly I realized they were all over the seat....and on the ceiling. It was then that I figured out what happened. My husband and I went to a barbecue over the weekend and so our outdoor folding chairs were in my car. Apparently, one of them contained a spider's egg sack, which had just broken open....in my car.

I killed a couple more and called into the office, where I was instructed to wait inside my spider-infested vehicle until someone came to get me. While I was waiting, I must have killed about 50 tiny insects, and they just kept coming. No surprise, my blood pressure was elevated when I got inside the office.

There's Good News and Bad News...

After I was done at the doctor's office, I quickly drove to a carwash and grabbed one of their huge vacuums. Anyone watching must have thought I was crazy as I threw the chairs on the ground and began shaking them vigorously. I then started sucking up more tiny spiders than I've ever seen in my life. They were everywhere! The good news is I got a lot of them and feel less freaked out in my vehicle. (although I'm itching as I write this) The bad news is I know I missed a bunch of babies that are now waiting under my seats until they're bigger and freakier to jump out at me while I'm driving.

It's going to be a long summer.

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