It's time to think about your New Year's resolutions, so we came up with a few you might want to make, and hopefully won't break.

Do people still make resolutions at the first of every year? I don't think I've seriously made one in years, but each year there are a few things I tell myself I'll change. Do I follow through? Sometimes. Okay, not usually. And let's face it, many resolutions are made during New Year's Eve parties, when our judgement may be impaired by alcohol. Like, I swear I won't drink as much at next year's party.

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Merriam Webster defines resolution as 'a promise to yourself that you will make a serious effort to do something that you should do.'

The operative word there is 'should.' Not 'will.' But we try, don't we? At least for the first few weeks, days, hours? Then we slip up and decide that it wasn't mean to be. Try again next year.

New Year's Eve comes at a time when we're thinking about all the rich, fattening food we ate over the holidays, and the often sedentary weeks that follow it. This prompts some predictable resolutions, some of which will appear on this list. But others on the list are just for fun, prompting us to get out of the house and enjoy all that Maine has to offer, despite the fact that it's pretty frickin' cold out most of the time.

So as you prepare for 2022 and your New Year's Eve celebrations, check out our list of possible resolutions. Maybe some fit your desires for the new year.

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