Notice the sign?  The number 185.  This sign is/was on Broadway in Bangor just before Stillwater Avenue. These photos were taken on the way to work Thursday morning (8/26).  Meaning the middle of the night.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller
Scott Miller

They must mean Exit 185, which is the Broadway exit on I 95.  I saw this sign a few times this week, and somehow my brain didn't read 185, but read I 85. As in Interstate 85. Doh.  Any one esle notice it.  Anyone.  Beuller.

My thought, "Why are they  helping us with a traffic update for I 85?  I 85 runs from just outside Richmond Virginia to Montgomery Alabama. So in the Southeastern states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

Courtesy Wikimedia

I 95 runs from Houlton Maine to Miami Florida.  That’s a lot of miles.  Over 1,900 miles.   And yes, I 95 does intersect with I 85.

Wikipedia Public Domain

Thanks for the heads up.  And for those creative and meaningful signs all along I 95 in Maine. Nice to be entertained as we’re informed. And to whomever programmed  the sign pictured, thank you for your creativity and informative message too.  Sorry I saw a 1 as an I. But it wasn't yet 4 a.m.

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